Fleet Management

Live track your fleet in real-time, remotely monitor driving behavior and make sure that fleet operations are conducted in a correct manner. Keep your operations under control.

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Vehicle Tracking

Live track your vehicle, receive information and alerts on vehicle conditions and recover your stolen car.

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Personal Tracking

Make sure that persons are safe and secure with a personal security solution with tracking and remote panic alarm capability.

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  • Commercial International Group
  • Cairo Shuttle Bus
  • Qarun Petroleum
  • Toshiba
  • Egypt Foods
  • Petrobel
  • Falcon
  • Soudanco
  • El-Sallab
  • EFG Hermes
  • Ghabbour Auto
  • La Poire
  • Pico Agriculture
  • NileTaxi
  • El-Sherook
  • Ibn Sina Pharma

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